Grow Your Nonprofit Using Systems and Processes

Take your nonprofit to the next level by combining PEOPLE, PROCESS, and SYSTEMS (Technology).

I love to share the importance of involving people in the development of your organization and the many benefits of doing so which includes:

  • An opportunity to bring new ideas to your organization.
  • Diversify the skill sets within your organization.
  • Support your organization in building capacity.
  • Increase funds coming in to support your organization’s mission and much more…

Now when you add systems and processes to the people you brought to support your nonprofit, you are ready to take your organization to the next level.

Why Systems and Process Matters

Developing Systems and Processes for your organization is essential to its growth. Implementing the right systems can save you time, energy, and money, while processes can define repeated behaviors within your organization to create consistency and effectiveness. Without systems and processes, you will waste your organization’s valuable resources.

Systems involve everything from how you book your meetings to how donations are managed. Take some time to review what portions of your organization can use a system to save time and money. You may find that your team is still using excel spreadsheets to manage your volunteers, and as more volunteers come in, you will need a volunteer management system to save countless hours a week to onboard volunteers. Here’s an example of what it may look like to move your volunteer process into systems.

Growing Your Nonprofit Using Systems and Processes

Don’t you hate when you are preparing to repeat a process that you have done before, and neither does your team? It is essential to document your processes! Developing a process involves documenting the procedure for implementing the system into your standard operating procedure (SOP) so future employees can use it and existing employees can remember it 🙂 Here is an example of steps for hiring a new employee:

Tips For Implementing Systems and Processes

  1. Involve everyone in the organization in the implementation process. (Ex: when implementing more efficient marketing systems your marketing team should be involved and developing the processes)
  2. Develop a template for documenting the process (this template can be from your Standard Operating Procedure).
  3. Identify at least one person who is responsible for overseeing the Standard Operating Procedure and keeping it updated (yes it is important to have a process for how you keep up with your processes 🙂

Systems and processes are essential to growing your organization. For more tips and resources on building your organization using systems and processes, check out our Facebook group filled with FREE resources HERE.

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