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Investing in capacity building will allow you to optimize your operations and unlock the potential of your organization.
  1. Create long-term viability and financial stability. We’ll teach you how to diversify funding sources and cultivate strategic partnerships to provide a solid foundation for your organization’s growth.

  2. Foster strong community relations. Build trust among donors, supporters, and your community by strategically enhancing your organization’s credibility.


Social impact leaders and changemakers reached through training, coaching, and consultations.


Years of combined experience in the social impact sector.


Million dollars managed in grant funds.


Million dollars successfully raised and counting.


How Can We Help

Our services are designed to connect social impact organizations’ passion with the structure to empower their communities.


Consulting Services

Our team will work with you to turn your vision into reality, supporting you each step of the way. Nonprofit Enthusiast will do the heavy lifting so you can focus on fulfilling your mission! We offer a wide range of services to nonprofits and their affiliates, including nonprofit filings, nonprofit growth services, and nonprofit program planning.


Coaching Services

This service allows you to customize your growth to meet your needs. Become fully immersed in building a thriving nonprofit through our one-on-one or group coaching services. Receive the guidance, accountability, and strategy you need to take your organization to the next level.


Nonprofit Filing Services

From seamless incorporation to strategic tax-exempt status, our dedicated team ensures a worry-free start and ongoing compliance support. Trust in our secure and confidential handling of your sensitive information, allowing you to focus on making a local or global impact. Let us transform your vision into reality, ensuring that your nonprofit's success resonates far beyond paperwork – it transforms lives.


Grants Made Simple ™

Securing grants is the most reliable way for nonprofits to continue to grow and support their community. Grants are an essential component of fund development for thriving nonprofit organizations, and our Grants Made Simple ™ makes it effortless for your organization to apply for top-tier grant opportunities.


Strategic Impact Development ™

Our Strategic Impact Development ™ plan helps nonprofits organize their efforts decisively. This plan is a visual representation or framework that outlines the relationship between goals and actions. It is a tool used in program planning, implementation, and evaluation to help nonprofit leaders understand the program’s underlying assumptions, activities, expected outcomes, and the logical connections between them.


Corporate and Funding Organizations

Connecting your cause with corporate entities and funding organizations that align with your mission. Leverage our expertise to navigate the intricacies of collaboration, ensuring mutually beneficial relationships that drive positive change. Elevate your nonprofit's reach and impact by tapping into a network of partners committed to making a meaningful difference in the community.

Loved & Trusted by Our Clients

Here’s what our amazing Nonprofit Enthusiasts have to say about working with us.
Lasheena Williams is a most caring Consultant. She is spearheading our nonprofit into greatness. Her fees are reasonable and affordable for us. She goes the extra mile and is truly a professional. We value her as guidance and we appreciate her. If you are looking for someone who will do all she can to assist your nonprofit with the goals they need to set and accomplish, she is the one for you!
Muhammad Abdullah
On The Spot Edutainment
A huge thank you to Lasheena Williams of Nonprofit Enthusiast for doing the work to get the organization registered and recognized in the state of FL and with the IRS as a nonprofit! Ms. Williams was very very responsive and knowledgable! She went above and beyond to get us through the process!
Dr Letitia Browne
Dr. Letitia Browne-James
LBJ Behavioral Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our consultants have extensive experience working with nonprofit organizations, and they are well-versed in the unique challenges and opportunities of the sector.
We offer flexible pricing options tailored to your budget, including project-based fees and retainer arrangements. We will work with you to find a suitable payment plan.
The timeline for results varies, but we strive for timely and impactful solutions. Many clients start seeing improvements within a few months.
We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization, customizing our strategies to address your unique challenges and goals.
Our expertise can help improve your organization’s efficiency, increase fundraising efforts, enhance your impact, and navigate challenges effectively.
Reach out to us through our website and schedule an initial consultation to discuss your needs and outline a tailored plan.
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