Concepts For Organizational Growth

In the last few years operations for many nonprofit organizations has been a rollercoaster ride of setbacks, challenges, and losses. Even the way we exist in our physical environments has changed. But what about our agency’s perspectives, our mission and vision— has it also changed?

Goals and Aspirations

In times of isolation, like what many of us experienced during the pandemic, we often find ourselves looking back at our goals and aspirations. Giving ourselves permission to revisit one’s personal or professional mission to determine if it’s time to recommit to our original plan, or if it’s an opportunity to pivot.

Moments of Reflection

In moments of reflection, we may find the need to pivot if warranted. This doesn’t mean we’ve failed, it could be it’s time for a new and different beginning. Imagine if there were a concept or tool that could help make that pivot. 

Pivot: Change in Direction 

When you’re ready to pivot, grab hold of the ROPE concept. It ask us to reconsider our goals by reassessing, organizing, planning and the execution of a new mission for the future. 

Reassess:  Is an opportunity to consider who your organization wants to be beyond the current environment.

  • Revisit your original mission, vision and goals as your priorities may have changed.

  • It’s an opportunity to give meaning to your organizations *new* realities and experiences.

Organize: Figure out which tasks are most important and which tasks can wait. 

  • Focus on each task, one at a time, starting with the most important.
  • Triage—Evaluate the RISK, and decide on your overall willingness & capacity to complete.
  • Time management; develop a schedule and calendar task.

Plan: Is a broad strategy useful in making goals more powerful and attainable.

  • *Pivot* by changing direction while staying grounded in your vision.
  • Start off where you want to succeed, develop a strategy or roadmap, with achievable actions, is s step towards reaching your goals.

Execute: Follow your plan and take the necessary action steps to achieve your goal.

  • Be cautious along the journey not to fall victim to procrastination, fear, and doubt — But you must resist by visualizing yourself carrying out your plans and ultimately reaching your goals.

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