2022 Nonprofit and National Holidays

We’ve created a list of 2022 nonprofit and national holidays that we think might help you. Feel free to view and download our list at the end of this blog post. Here are a few ways you can use this list within your organization.

1. Planning Events

Take a look at each month’s holidays and see if there are any that relate to your organization’s mission. For example, if your organization’s mission is to provide educational resources for youth, you may consider planning a book drive on World Book Day, April 23. Maybe one of these holidays will even inspire an event idea! By planning your event on one of these holidays, you can potentially increase involvement as others may want to celebrate the holiday by participating in your event.

2. Social Media Content

When running our organization’s social media pages, there are times we may run low on content ideas. By finding holidays that align with your organization’s mission, you can celebrate them on social media. We even added popular social media hashtags to some dates for you to use! 

3. Keep Your Hand on the Pulse of Your Community

As nonprofit leaders, we must keep our hands on the pulse of our community. This means being aware of holidays that our community celebrates, especially holidays directly related to our mission. 

While our list of holidays doesn’t include them all, we hope there are a few that inspire you and relate to your organization’s mission. If you’re looking for more tips, tricks, and resources to help your nonprofit grow to the next level, be sure to check out our other blogs!

Click here to access our list of 2022  nonprofit and national holidays: bit.ly/3vuF1fk 

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