Using the Pomodoro Method to Get Things Done in Your Organization

Being productive is as simple as 25 minutes of work and five minutes of break. The Pomodoro Method is designed to keep you focused and keep checking off that to-do list. In our organization’s experience, this technique has helped us accomplish many tasks in just one workday. Let’s take a look at what this method is.

Create Your To-Do List

Before you start working, be sure to create your to-do list of tasks. Sometimes you may be working on one task and doing multiple timed sessions. Or maybe you have numerous smaller tasks you just need to sit and work out. Whichever situation you find yourself in, just write it down. This is your visual reminder, and when you finish it, you have the satisfaction of checking it off!

We create a large checklist of what tasks we need to complete in our office. Because we work as a team, we initial who is assigned what in each task. From there, we organize it with numbers in order of importance. For example, if we put number one next to a task, we need to complete that one first.

25 Minutes of Work

Now that you’ve got your to-do list, it’s time to check some things off! For 25 minutes, you will focus on whichever task you choose. This amount of time is short enough to keep you focused and get things done. It’s important that you don’t check your phone or email and genuinely dedicate this time to working.

While it seems like focusing nonstop for 25 minutes would be difficult, we have seen that it’s easy in our office! When you know what you’re working on, you stay focused and motivated. We also make sure we don’t distract each other and ask questions until after the 25 minutes is over.

Five Minute Break

Now for the fun part, your break! This five-minute break occurs between every 25-minute session and is designed to help you stay focused when it is time to work. This is a great time to check your phone, ask your coworkers questions, or just scroll through Instagram. This is the break you earned, so spend it how you’d like!

Now that you know how the Pomodoro Method works, it’s time to implement it. Whether you decide to try it out by yourself or with your team, we hope you find it helpful. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our other blogs!

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