Strategic Impact Development ™

Let’s make attaining your goals seamless.

What is Strategic Impact Development™?

Our Strategic Impact Development ™ plan helps nonprofits organize their efforts decisively. This plan is a visual representation or framework that outlines the relationship between goals and actions. It is a tool used in program planning, implementation, and evaluation to help nonprofit leaders understand the program’s underlying assumptions, activities, expected outcomes, and the logical connections between them.

By creating a Strategic Impact Development ™ plan, nonprofits can better organize and evaluate their programs and activities, ensuring that resources are used effectively and efficiently. It saves you time and loads of energy.

Why Develop a Strategic Impact Development ™ plan?

  • It communicates your program to people in and out of your agency in a concise and compelling way.
  • It assists Board Members with defining and championing common understanding of organizational strategies.
  • It identifies indicators of program success in the short and long term.
  • It supports efforts to evaluate the effectiveness of your program.

The Benefit of a Strategic Impact Development ™ plan

    • It clearly recognizes particular activities or steps of actions that will lead to the desired results.
    • It functions as a roadmap to help you stay focused and on track with identified goals.
    • It clearly identifies the results or deliverables of your work.

Essentials to Remember

  • Do not just keep your Strategic Impact Development ™ plan in a drawer, it’s meant to be used and reviewed!
  • A Strategic Impact Development ™ plan can only be a roadmap if you look at it frequently.
  • Make your Strategic Impact Development ™ plan visible and easily accessible by your staff.
  • Check on your Strategic Impact Development ™ plan, it is a living document, make changes when necessary.
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