The Other Nonprofit Annual Report

Often when nonprofit professionals hear the words “Annual Report,” they think of the annual filings for the nonprofit’s compliance. But there is another annual report that you don’t hear shared a lot in nonprofit communities but has a significant impact on communicating your nonprofit stories. The annual report that we are referring to is a publication sent out that demonstrates some of the following:

  • How a nonprofit has evolved over the past year.
  • Thank volunteers and supporters
  • Highlight’s the nonprofit’s mission and impact

There is no hard rule on the method or length of this publication. The most crucial part is to demonstrate your organization’s impact. You can find some Annual Reports in Paper form (Printed Booklet, Calendar for upcoming year) or Electronic (Infographic, Videos, Electronic Booklet).

Here are some tips for developing your annual report 

  • Use it to “sell” your vision.
  • Include the data to support your work and demonstrate your impact
  • Include success stories and quotes
  • Keep it simple and easy for the reader to comprehend
  • Use a method that is comfortable for your organization. ex. (Free for nonprofit) 
  • Paper copies have their advantages: they can still find their way to influence donors. Consider providing paper copies upon request.

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