Our services are designed to provide support to nonprofits by equipping them with the tools and resources needed to serve their community and enhance the experience for those they serve.

What People Are Saying

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Lasheena Williams is a most caring Consultant. She is spearheading our nonprofit into greatness. Her fees are reasonable and affordable for us. She goes the extra mile and is truly a professional. We value her as guidance and we appreciate her. If you are looking for someone who will do all she can to assist your nonprofit with the goals they need to set and accomplish, she is the one for you!
Muhammad Abdullah
On The Spot Edutainment
First let me say that I got exactly what I was looking for in my website if not more! Lasheena was very knowledgeable and understood what it was that I wanted to convey on my site. I greatly appreciate her professionalism, how insightful and innovative she was during the entire process. She adhered to the timeline and my site was completed within the time frame we discussed. For my first experience with a website builder I have no complaints. I absolutely recommend her company to any business professional who is looking for a well functioning quality site for their business.
Kendra Wells
The Orlando Lifestyle
Thanks LaSheena Williams for being a blessing upon inspired Community Creations Corp this year (2021). The organization was pleased to accomplish many milestones with your guidance (established amendments and other supporting docs with Secretary of State of Georgia, assisting with By Laws and additional nonprofit docs, to ensuring we crossed the finish line with obtaining 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. LaSheena delivered promises and expectations, meanwhile leveraging great communication throughout our nonprofit’s journey. I would and have recommended others to use LaSheena as a consultant for nonprofit matters.
Steven Carroll
Inspired Community Creations Corp
Starting a business is challenging. Starting a non profit business is hard, in navigating what the state you are in need, you need someone who knows what they are doing, not only because of book knowledge, but because she walked it, that is Lasheena Williams, non profit Queen. God called me to ministry and I willingly accepted, however the path to walk legally was a challenge so I reached out to the one person whose name was given to me, Lasheena Williams, and I never looked back. Lasheena helped us with paper work, took early and late meetings with us, walked us through what we needed for the state, ministry and non profit. Even though we have been up and running for over one year, she remains our go to person for all types of advice regarding nonprofit, and best of all, she always follow up, always answers and always follow through. Thank you Lasheena. God bless you.
Pastor Marva Phillips
Agar Ministries
They are very passionate about what they do and give great strategies!
Keishamata Strong
P.A.S.S.I.O.N Outreach Center
When I had the talk with you (Lasheena Williams) and you gave us that push, ‘you need to have an annual report’, I said okay well let’s get all these numbers together and what we did over the year. And by doing that we found out stuff that wouldn’t have been on either of our other reports. It even opened up our eyes to see that we’ve been missing out on stuff even though we’ve been doing it. We’ve been missing out reporting the successes that we’ve had to those that’s have sponsored us since our founding. When I released these (annual reports), the storm happened in Kentucky. I reached out to one of our sponsors, Coca Cola, and I said ‘hey we are going to respond to this disaster. Could we get in-kind donations so we can take it to this area?’ Lydia responds with ‘yes, I love the report…we got you.’ So I’m thinking it’s our regular five or six pallets of supplies. No, she says ‘ we are so excited about what you’re doing. We want to help. We want to send you 140 pallets.
Shumonte Cooper
Christ is Relief
Since our last meeting I have been soooo encouraged as I move forward in my journey as a NP small business owner. Today I met with a couple of organizations that will pay the salary and conduct training (as needed) for the positions I am looking to fill (Administrative Assistance, Marketing). It is my hope these two positions will be filled within the next couple of weeks. ... I look forward to next steps on this learning journey. Thanks for all that you do!