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Scheduling a meeting sounds simple enough, yet in my experience, that’s not always the case. Everyone has busy schedules and it can be hard to find a time that works without a long email chain of back-and-forth messages. I needed a solution that made it easier for me and those I met with to schedule our meetings. That’s when I started using Calendly and the scheduling process has never been easier.

Calendly creates a single meeting request that allows attendees to select from a list of times I’m available. Then, once the time slot is selected, it is instantly confirmed for all attendees and shows up in our calendars. The rescheduling process is just as easy and instant. It simplified the process for me and has become a resource I need to share with others. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the process.

In my account, I am able to integrate my other tools and apps, as well as personalize my preferences. I can connect all of my calendars from other apps, like Google Calendar, to ensure there’s no double booking. From there, I set my availability preferences that become time slots for attendees to choose from. 

A lot of my meetings happen virtually and with Calendly I’m able to integrate the Zoom app to instantly confirm meetings. By connecting my account, a personal link is created for the meeting immediately without me having to do anything. This feature has helped me tremendously!

For appointments with clients, I integrate my Paypal. This allows them to pay for the service while booking it. This simplifies the transaction process for both parties. My clients don’t have to search for my Paypal account and worry if they’re sending their money to the right person. I no longer have to worry about tracking down clients who have forgotten to pay. 

Once a meeting is confirmed, both parties receive a confirmation email. As the meeting approaches, a reminder email is also sent out. If a meeting needs to be rescheduled, Calendly has made the process just as easy for attendees. Attendees can cancel the time slot they originally booked and select another from the availability preferences. The original meeting is cancelled and the new meeting is confirmed instantly.

Within my own nonprofit, we use Calendly to schedule volunteers and partner meet & greets easier, save time when scheduling meetings with the team, and automate our organization’s video podcast series.

A process that used to involve sending back-and-forth emails and logging into multiple apps now is one seamless process. I encourage everyone to give Calendly a try. Creating an account is free and depending on your needs, they offer a variety of services for free and some with a charge. 

We can all use a little simplification in our busy lives. If you’re interested in giving Calendly the chance to simplify your scheduling processes, create an account by clicking here.

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