4 Websites to Find Volunteers for Your Organization

As nonprofit leaders, we understand the importance of having volunteers when hosting events, implementing programs, and getting things done. But sometimes, the hardest part is finding these volunteers. Let’s take a look at some resources designed to help you and your organization find volunteers.

1. VolunteerMatch – volunteermatch.org

VolunteerMatch has helped connect 17 million volunteers to organizations across the nation. In just three easy steps, you can find your next volunteer. First, find your organization, create a personal profile, and add volunteer opportunities. With one of the highest amount of volunteers looking for opportunities, you are bound to find some matches for your next event. You can even connect a LinkedIn profile to tap into an even larger network of volunteers!

2. Catchafire – catchafire.org

Catchafire is another excellent platform with an extensive network of volunteers looking to connect with the right organization. Once you create an account, you can share project opportunities for volunteers. This platform focused on skill-based volunteering, meaning it’s great for organizations with smaller budgets who still need help in areas like marketing, fundraising, technology, and more!

3. Idealist – idealist.org

Idealist has a section on their website dedicated to helping organizations just like you find volunteers. Once again, you must create a profile and then share any volunteer opportunities you have. From there, volunteers can find opportunities by focusing on location and project description. 

4. Points of Light Engage – engage.pointsoflight.org

Points of Light Engage is an online platform with an extensive network of organizations and volunteers looking to connect. To get your organization involved, create an account and keep volunteer opportunities up to date. 

If you find yourself needing extra hands on deck, be sure to check out all of these options. It’s okay to post a single volunteer opportunity on every platform until you get the help you need. If you still find yourself struggling to find volunteers, our team is here to help. Schedule a free consultation with us to see how we can support you in your nonprofit journey: https://bit.ly/3rxZ6yZ 

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