Enthusiast Class: Fund Development


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Let’s talk about Fund Development!

The Fund development process is essential in positioning an organization to sustain and grow through building relationships in the community with those who understand and care about the organization’s mission.

Our very special guest holds over two decades of experience in strategic planning, nonprofit leadership, fund development, capital campaigns, and grant administration of millions of $$$$. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to hear the keys to success in developing your organization’s fund development process.

In this training, you will learn strategies to develop a fund development process that is intentional and process-driven in order to support your organization in going to the next level.

🎉 From walking through the Fund Development process…

🎉 To sharing strategies for attracting supporters and donors…

🎉 To giving the ingredients’ need to build relationships that will transform into support and $$$

We want to see your organization continue to succeed!

If you’re serious about growing your nonprofit in 2022, this enthusiast class is a can’t-miss.