Photos You Should Include on Your Organization’s Social Media Pages

Are you currently posting photos on your organization’s social media pages? If not, you should be! This is a great way to connect with donors, volunteers, potential volunteers, and the community. By using photos, you can tell your organization’s story and show the impact you’re making in the community. Whether you’re planning to use a camera or your phone, let’s take a look at some of the photos you should be posting.

Photos From Events

There’s no better way to show what you’re doing in the community than posting photos from events! Each time you host an event, ask yourself What photos should I capture to tell the story of this event? What will show the impact of this event? Once you have the answers to those questions, you’ll know which photos to post. Consider some of the following shots:

  • Photos of the setup or preparation for the event
  • Photos of any speakers or important attendees
  • Photos of volunteers doing hands-on activities
  • Photos of any event attendees from the community who would like to be photographed

While these are just a few photo ideas, there are so many other amazing shots you could take. When the event concludes, it’s also a good idea to ask anyone to share photos they took throughout the event with you! Now you’ll have even more content for your pages.

Photos of Volunteers

Use your pages as a way to connect with your volunteers. Considering using photos of them to do the following:

  • Say Thank You – Volunteers are why organizations leaders like us can do so many amazing things in the community. It’s important we tell them thank you for all their hard work and show our appreciation. Making a dedicated thank you post to a specific volunteer or maybe a group of volunteers from an event is a great way to do this.
  • Celebrate Them – If you have a volunteer that has been working with your organization for a while, celebrate them! Post a photo of them wishing them a happy birthday on their big day. Did they just accomplish something super exciting, like graduation from high school or college? Congratulate them!

There are many ways to show off your amazing volunteers on your pages. It’s an awesome way to show them your appreciation and make them feel special.

Photos of Behind The Scenes

As organization leaders, we know that we do many things behind the scenes in between events and happenings in our community. Consider sharing some of these behind the scenes photos:

  • Event Preparation – There are often a few weeks or more between our organization’s events, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t working hard every day. Share some of these moments on your pages! This is also a great strategy to get others excited about your upcoming event and remind them to attend or get involved.
  • Networking in the Community – Have you been meeting with other community leaders and changemakers? Snap a photo and tag them! This is a fun way to connect with those you meet via your social media pages.

Social media has given organizations a unique opportunity to tell their stories digitally. Find ways to share fun moments at events, highlight your valued volunteers, or show a day in the life of a nonprofit leader! 

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