Nonprofit Help Desk – Why I Love the RocketBook?​

Nonprofit Help Desk - Why I Love the RocketBook?

When I find something I love, I scream it from the rooftop, and here is one productivity tool you definitely want to check out. The Rocketbook is a re-useable notebook that goes way beyond any of your usual paper notebooks. Here are some reasons as a nonprofit professional why this is my notebook of choice:

1. It’s Re-Usable – Before Rocketbook I would have piles of notebooks that go missing whenever I am looking for that very important note I made. But, now I just have one notebook that gives me the satisfaction of writing on paper but wait there’s more (check out #2) …

From RocketBook's Website

2. It can go everywhere with you, even when it’s not physically with you 🙂 – Even when you leave your physical RocketBook behind, you can find the notes you upload in your Rocketbook App.

Checkout this quick video below on ways you can save your Rocketbook Notes.

3. Store important notes from your whiteboard: The Rocketbook beacons are four restickable, reusable stickers that can convert your writing surface into a smartboard. Using the Rocketbook Beacons you can store those important notes from your team meetings in a simple scan.

4. Save $ – Using Rocketbooks as our Notebook of choice has saved our organization money in the long run. We used to pay about $10 for a quality notebook which is equivalent to only 3 uses of the Rockebook.

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