My Go-to Communication Platform: Slack

These days we can connect virtually in a million different ways. From emails to group chats, we have it all. Because of this, I get hundreds of emails and messages a week and it can take a while for me to sift through them. Sometimes messages from my team members get lost in the chaos. I knew I needed a solution so that I could communicate with my team efficiently and effectively.

When it came to finding the right platform for my team I found Slack, a communication platform that makes it easier for users by providing amazing features. It can be used on your phone by downloading the app and even on your computer. Let’s take a look at some of Slack’s best features.


When it comes to Slack, one of the features I find most helpful is Channels. Channels allow you to add everyone you want into a channel with a single objective or idea. For example, you can create a channrel titled ‘Fall Fundraising Event’ and add all members a part of this initiative. When members have a question or comment about the event, they can quickly access it. In the Channel, each member can create message threads, react quickly to previous messages and so much more. 

Channels can also be public or private depending on your needs. Sometimes we have projects where only a few team members are involved. For these, we can use private chats where you can only join via invitation. For general conversations where all team members are involved, we have public channels where everyone is free to join.


While most of us can text and email our team members on our phones, Slack makes it easy to access all of our conversations on a single platform. In Slack, you can have private conversations with individual team members or create group chats. The benefits of using Slack as opposed to your phone are that you can access messages on your computer, quickly react, organize your conversations, and even search through messages to find something specific! Another cool feature within messaging is that you can schedule when messages will be sent. So if you’re a late-night worker like me, you can wait until the morning for your messages to be sent.

File Sharing

Another amazing Slack feature, is file sharing. By using Slack, it’s easy for my team and me to send and collaborate on large files. I can even integrate other platforms like Google Drive to instantly share files. We also have access to these files when we are by our computers or on the go via the mobile app.

For nonprofit leaders our there in need of a communication solution, I truly recommend this platform. While I mentioned my favorite features, there is even more for you to discover! If you are interested in giving Slack a try, feel free to use the following link: Slack

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