Case Study

How MCS~Fund Tripled Their
Event Fundraising Goal

About MCS~Fund

Meesha C. Saxton (MCS~Fund) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that launched in June 2018 with a mission to to support Sickle Cell Anemia affected individuals and their families throughout Northeast Ohio.


The MCS~Fund found Nonprofit Enthusiast after searching for a company to help advance their fundraising efforts as they planned their annual fundraising event. Nonprofit Enthusiast identified their organization’s need to help grow their fundraising efforts and worked alongside the MCS~Fund’s board to equip them with tools for their existing fundraiser and processes that will advance their future endeavors as well.

Our Approach

The MCS~Fund was engaged in bi-weekly calls over eight months. In each session, the organization learned and applied fund development strategies that included identifying donors within their sphere of influence and implementing methods to invite the donors to support MCS~Fund now or in the future.

The Results

The MCS~Fund not only tripled their donations during this event with the support of Nonprofit Enthusiast, but they also increased their knowledge in fund development to help them continue to raise funds in a greater capacity for years to come.
Nonprofit Enthusiast understood exactly where we are, they knew exactly what we needed, they knew how to take us from the bottom to the top.
Teresa S. McCurry
Founder of MCS~Fund
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