Let’s Celebrate

December can be an extremely stressful time for nonprofit organizations. Whether it’s trying to conduct your last fundraising push for the year, finalizing your budgets for the upcoming year, or wrapping up your year-end planning. No matter where your organization is at this point in the year, I encourage you to take a moment and CELEBRATE! 

Here are some quick tips to Stay Encouraged during this time of the year:

1. Turn Challenges Into Accomplishments

When I speak with organizations this time of the year, I ask them what they have accomplished in 2021. Interestingly, it’s much easier for them to tell me what they did not accomplish. At that point, we dive deeper into their challenge only to find an accomplishment hidden in it. Here is an example:

Challenge: We did not hit our fundraising goal this year. But, we did hold two additional fundraising events. 

Accomplishment:  You mean you promoted your organization two additional times this year? This means new people have learned of your organization and your existing supporters see you working towards your mission. Let’s CELEBRATE!

It’s ok if you did not hit the goals you set for 2021. Let’s move forward and build on what was started this year in 2022. 

2. Remember Your Why

Remember why you got started. Take a moment to check out this quick activity to learn more about what’s motivating you by visiting this link: http://www.7levelsdeep.com.

My results: 

After completing the activity, I was reminded that the reason I do what I do is because

1) I love helping others 

2) I love supporting others (individuals and organizations) and ultimately helping others. This is what motivates me and my actions.

Whenever I feel discouraged or overwhelmed, I go back and reflect on why I started.

3. Take Time For YOU

As impossible as it may seem this month, stop right now and schedule at least one self-care session a week. Yes, sometimes this means disconnecting from the day-to-day and reconnecting with yourself. And if taking time for yourself seems selfish, remind yourself that “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

If you have any fun ways to celebrate your annual accomplishments, leave a comment on this post sharing what it is! 

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