Instructions for Completing the Work Plan

  1. Goal: Clearly state the overall goal you aim to achieve. This should be an overarching objective that aligns with the mission and vision of our nonprofit.
  2. Challenges: Reflect on the Capacity Assessment and specify the challenges currently faced that are hindering progress towards the goal. Be as specific as possible to understand what needs to be addressed.
  3. Contributing Factors: Analyze and list the factors that contribute to each challenge. Understanding these factors will help tailor the strategies to be more effective.
  4. Strategies: Based on the challenges and their contributing factors, define the strategies that will be employed to address each challenge. Strategies should be overarching approaches that guide your actions.
  5. S.M.A.R.T. Actions: Break down each strategy into clear, actionable steps that follow the S.M.A.R.T. framework:
    • Specific: What exactly will be done?
    • Measurable: How will the success of this action be measured?
    • Achievable: Is the action realistic with available resources?
    • Relevant: Does the action align with the goal and strategy?
    • Time-bound: When will this action be completed?
  6. Lead Person(s)/Team Responsible: Assign a person or a team to each action step. This ensures accountability and clarifies who is responsible for execution.
  7. Due Date: Set a realistic deadline for each action step. This will help in prioritizing tasks and managing time effectively.
  8. Completed: Once an action step is completed, mark it as such. This will help in tracking progress and maintaining momentum towards the goal.
Always remember that the Work Plan is a living document and should be reviewed and updated regularly to reflect any changes in strategy, progress in action steps, or shifts in organizational priorities. Let’s work together to turn our challenges into successes and achieve our collective goals.
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