A Nonprofit’s Founder Struggle to Let Go

Just take a moment and think about the first day you stepped out and decided to begin your own nonprofit; to fulfill your passion for serving and helping others. You knew exactly how you envisioned it, who you wanted to help, and the impact you sought to make in the community. You could have easily decided to fulfill your passion on your own or become a nonprofit organization, but at that very moment you decided that this passion is no longer about fulfilling it on your own; it’s about providing opportunities for individuals to serve and serving others. Sharing the work of fulfilling your mission can be a big hurdle when starting a nonprofit. As founders, we sometimes have a hard time letting go. We want to control every aspect of our organization, from board development, program implementation, fundraising efforts, marketing and public relations, and much more. Unfortunately, By trying to juggle everything, you are stunting your nonprofit’s progress. If you are reading this as a founder, it is time to let go! 

You may have heard me speak about the importance of people, process, and technology to scale growth. I have discovered that half the time founders have a hard time letting go because they:

  • Do not having the proper people in the correct seat within the organization
  • Do not have adequate processes to guide personnel where they envision the organization to go 
  • Do not have the technology to support organizational growth

I like to talk about these areas simply because they offer the greatest impact on organizational growth. As founders, we need to ensure that our organizations have the best resources and tools to effectively serve our community. As founders, we cannot assume all roles; this will result in burnout (cause us to lose the passion for why we started) and neglect our personal life resulting in worklife imbalances. So instead:  

  • Take time off to maintain balance and reignite the passion and drive that got you started in the first place. 
  • Utilize your resources effectively. Often times the people working alongside you have experience and skill sets that could amplify your nonprofit’s growth if only they understood how they could best support the team. This is a reminder that the right process and technologies are crucial for improving communication. 
  • Don’t forget to assess the people, processes, and technology in your organization to see where improvements can be made to better support your nonprofit and allow you to let go. 

We understand that this process is not easy, that is why we are here to support you. Schedule your free consultation HERE today so we can discuss how you can begin to let go and grow your nonprofit to the next level. 

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